Facebook and friends.

As it so often happens, I receive friend requests from total strangers whose existence troubles me less than my menses until the little red “add friend” icon brings them to my attention. When that occurs, the question we all ask ourselves is, “Should I add this person?” After all, given that paedophiles are just as internet savvy as we are, if not more, seeing as they seek to escape detection from law enforcement officers, is it unreasonable to ask to see their blue “safe to work with children” card before you add them?

Having said that, I’m quite well aware that every man and his dog can see my posts here – the irony of it all. But adding a friend to facebook is like inviting someone into your home. Or is it not? I suppose it depends on how much information you put out there and who your existing facebook friends are.

For like forever, the only people I added were those known to me. Out of my 427 friends, the majority are friends from my last secondary school and university. Thanks to facebook, I’ve also found and been found by members of my very large extended family, childhood friends and various acquaintances. After five years of diligent logging in to spy on people and update my status, the greatest danger I’ve come across is assuming a closer relationship with people I hardly know – despite our weekly interaction and their liking my many posts – rather than a brush with your average axe murderer, which given the preponderance of lunatics out there, is fortunate for you and me.

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  1. You would live. You protect yourself well enough. Open the gates woman!

    *wink, wink*

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