Being a mummy-blogger: my full disclosure.

By Estella

Recently there’s been much main stream media coverage over the rise and rise of mummy-blogs. It is estimated that there are 4 million mummy-blogs in the US and 300 in Australia. Proving spreading popularity, “The Punch”, an Australian current affairs driven website has even weighed in on the debate brewing over renumeration that writers of mummy blogs receive. It concedes that while top American mummy blogger can earn a cool million a year, the average mummy-blogger in Australia makes only pocket change.

I don’t even make pocket change for as you can see, there are no advertisers on my site. All products or shops I mention are ones I frequent because I enjoy frequenting them. Contrary to what detractors or haters of mummy-bloggers think, the government doesn’t enable me to spend all my time airing my views on the internet. My husband does.

I receive no government handouts in the form of Part A, Part B, Rent Assistance or Newstart Allowance. Heck, I didn’t even receive Kevin Rudd’s free money when it was making the rounds because the government deemed my family was “too rich.” Ha. For my non-Australian friends, Part A is for families below a certain income, Part B  is for families with one non-working parent. Part B too is means tested.

While I admit that I am uniquely privileged to be able to do what I do, on my own time and at my own cost, I must insist that you know the concessions I’ve made in order to pursue my chosen vocation. Until His Royal Highness passed his FRACS exams, I was not only mother and father to our child, I did a whole gamut of errands-running for my husband as he worked just so many hours – many of those for free  – that he didn’t have the time to do many non-career-related tasks for himself. Every time we moved for his work, on average once a year until 2010, I was packer and unpacker for the entire household.

I like to joke that but for my lack of physical strength, I can easily pursue a career as a removalist as I am so intimately acquainted with the act of uprooting and moving elsewhere. Now that HRH has finished specialisation, I still do all the usual errands running for him, with the exception that I can now ask him to pick up his pants and papers off the floor instead of having to do it for him.

If you’ve been following my blog, you probably already know that I have a relatively simple lifestyle. We can afford two cars, but we have just the one which HRH takes for work, leaving me to walk everywhere. I have no complains since I don’t have to pay fees to work out anywhere. We can upgrade our car to something flashy, but we choose to keep driving our badly-scratched Toyota we bought discounted in 2006.

I clean my own house even though we can afford a part-time cleaner. We do eat out, but ours are cheap eats taken in ever-so-cheap Chinatown. We occasionally go somewhere fancy, but that would be for Christmas or birthdays. It’s a definite upgrade from my parents’ lifestyle. Because they were saving for me and my brother’s tertiary education, we never had new clothes and my mother cooked for all holidays, including her own birthday.

When I am away from my computer, I’m volunteering at my daughter, Amanda’s school. I’ve been volunteering in her class since she started pre-prep in 2009 and plan to continue for the foreseeable future. When I have had enough crazy dreams – mine feature vengeful angels and murderous drug dealers – I will get down to working on my third manuscript. My first was a memoir about life as a doctor’s wife, which this blog has made redundant. My second is a modern-day adaptation of Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, which I will find an agent or a publisher for when I return from my New Zealand holiday.

Thanks to your patronage, By Estella Dot Com has had 46000 hits in the last month. We have 130 unique visitors daily – a small but growing number. I hope to engage more people in our cross-cultural parenting, relationships and lifestyle dialogues as on-going conversation will only enhance mutual understanding of this mosaic of a world we live in.

In the very distant future, if I do receive sponsorship for any posts or choose to allow companies to advertise on my blog, you, my readers, will be the FIRST to be informed. I consider your continued support to be important and will endeavour to keep By Estella Dot  Com up to a standard that you can be proud of to be associated with.

P/s I may launch an astrology website, offering one FREE reading a week, but that is at least six months away. In the meantime, I only read for friends, when I have the time.