The dark side of NATURAL.

I have a problem with natural. Some days ago, I wrote about Amanda’s fixation with her uneven eyes and what followed was a link from a friend, supporting my assertion that Koreans have a fixation with a standard of beauty achieved largely through plastic surgery.

A distant acquaintance, one whom I have a past history of falling out with, wrote to say that this is “a generalisation.” That there are “many naturally beautiful” Korean women. That Koreans have the highest IQs in the world. But I think that’s besides the point.

I would agree there are many naturally beautiful Korean women, but many of these “natural beauties” have their faces remodelled entirely to attain the prevailing beauty standard of double eyelids, high-nose bridges, V-shape faces…Creases are stitched into their eyes, silicon injected into their noses, sides trimmed to give a less flared appearance, jaws shaved, a procedure that leaves them unable to talk, much less chew food for weeks.

Yet, we have people claiming that this is natural. I have no problems with surgery as long as people don’t try to invent a DNA profile that never existed. If you are brave enough to subject yourself to the pain of surgery, then own up to it like Singapore’s Xia Xue or Malaysia’s Leng Yein. I admire them both for being honest, even if I personally disagree with surgery as a means to enhance one’s beauty.

If you think I’m rubbishing Koreans, think again. I’m just stating a fact, which may be a generalisation, but the nature of generalisations is that they apply to many people.

I’ll let the facts speak for themselves:

I too have Korean friends and frankly, I can’t be bothered to ask them whether they’ve had their faces remodelled. It’s when people put a premium on a “natural” that is clearly “unnatural” that I get riled up. Then they want to laugh at the poor Chinese woman whose husband sued her for being born ugly! The hypocrisy of this really pisses me off!

Equally annoying is one race looking down on another for being dark, then coveting their facial features. Asians that are naturally (there’s that word again) sharp featured, tend to have darker skin tonnes. Now, you can’t have your cake and eat it; remodel your entire face then PROUDLY say this is natural to your race. You and I know it isn’t.

Look, if you want to argue with me, you are going to have to do so FACTUALLY. You can’t date the odd Korean/Japanese/Pakistani etc dude or dudette and then want to defend their ENTIRE race. I’m not accusing them of anything they’re not doing.


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  1. It’s true many Koreans have the features you listed and many get cosmetic surgery to change them. But not all Koreans have those features, and not all have had plastic surgery.

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