Privacy on By Estella Dot Com.

Okay, so people won’t think I’m “exploiting” them or their images – here is the low-down on privacy at By Estella Dot Com:

  • I DEPERSONALISE every person featured on By Estella Dot Com except those that know about this blog and have NO objections to being recognised by their first name. This means that every unwitting subject is divested of as much identifying information as is possible.
  • I do not feature identifiable images of people without their knowledge.
  • I do not post shots of other people’s kids if their parents are unaware of this blog. I also don’t post shots of people or kids where they have specifically asked me not to.
  • I endeavour to post as few pictures of other people as is possible. I even endeavour to exclude pictures of my husband and child, where possible.
  • I write about family and my relationships with them, but even they are not identified by name.
  • People identified by name or image are public personalities.

Trust me, if it was my intention to capitalise on your shame, distress, or personal perversions, I would have done so ALREADY. My readers have no interest in your mental illness, pill-popping, shrink-seeing… Who are you? Madonna? Angelina Jolie?

By Estella Dot Com uses my personal experiences and encounters to engage readers in conversations about parenting, relationship and lifestyle issues. Because I migrated to Australia at an age old enough to remember the life I had, but still young enough to adapt to life here, my posts are peppered with juxtapositions between East and West, third world and first.

Some of you may contend these comparisons are criticisms but in most cases, they aren’t. They are simply observations borne of having lived in more places around Australia than the average Australian. In a sense, By Estella Dot Com is a recording of my inner journey West.  Where once, living in the East, I considered myself very Western, being here has taught me – the irony of which never fails me – just how Eastern I really am.


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  1. Hi,

    I enjoy your blog and often identify with your views. It would be nice if people could comment on your articles, I would like to see other readers’ comments.


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