Rain, rain, go away…

By Estella

It’s been raining all week in Brisbane. We’ve had swimming pools where there once was puddles and puddles where there once was dry land. The only good to come out of all this rain, other than a full Wivenhoe dam, is the chance for Brisbanites to wear their wet weather gear.

Amanda and I, living 3 blocks from Brisbane’s Cultural Precinct, spent a rainy Monday, at the Museum cafe. After examining the quirky art works by final year arts students, I ordered her a babycino and I, a regular latte. We adjourned to the top deck of the cafe, where I stared out over the rim of my take-away coffee onto a city shrouded in grey, whilst Amanda played happily with other children there.

Here are some happy snaps I took on the day.

Art work at Brisbane Museum Cafe.

This is supposed to a miniature of a metropolis at various stages of growth and decay. The entire structure was made from wooden pegs by third year arts degree students.

Art work at Brisbane Museum.

Another art work by third year arts degree students. Fashioned from women’s stockings, this one is about people reaching out for warmth and connection in today’s technologically advanced world.

Amanda with an art work at the Brisbane Museum.

This one is a bookshelf held together by nothing but pencils.

View of Brisbane city from the Brisbane Museum Cafe top deck.

Great view I enjoyed while sipping my latte at the Brisbane Museum Cafe.

Amanda on the swing at the Brisbane Museum Cafe.

Amanda was on this swing made from bicycle tyre tubes at the Brisbane Museum Cafe.

Gallery of Modern Art.

View of GOMA from the Brisbane Museum Cafe.

Garden seat at the Brisbane Museum Cafe.

This seat at the Brisbane Museum Cafe is made from plastic attached to bicycle helmets. If you look closely, you can see how it pokes out like a gigantic durian.



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