By Estella Dot Com turns 1 today!

Dear readers,

I’m pleased and proud to announce By Estella Dot Com turns 1 today. Thank you for your generous support and many useful suggestions thus far. Like many a new parent, I’ve been trying to make this child of mine fit some lofty vision of parenting. To my chagrin, I’ve found it’s no different to parenting a real, flesh-and-blood child, in that the idealised vision swiftly gives way to the needs and practicalities of day-to-day life.

The child, once thought to be a passive participant in the parenting exercise, is no less assertive than a hungry baby left alone in a cot. It demands of you a great deal more fortitude, patience and energy than you bargained for, testing your resolve at every step not to abandon it in favour of a good night’s sleep and some precious “me-time.”

And so it has been with this blog.

Because By Estella Dot Com remains very much a 1 person venture (ie. me), I’ve often found myself holding a squalling infant, technically and editorially. What started out as a bare-bones affair of text and the odd picture, has slowly morphed into a semi-polished site. Excuse the continued use of parenting metaphors, but we’ve gone from nappies to diaper pants, sole milk feeds to first solid foods, not much physical movement to crawling. Much can still be done to improve the look and feel of By Estella Dot Com, but as I have yet to master programming, this will take awhile.

I may mention a business or product from time-to-time but please know, I receive NO remuneration for doing so. Friends and family may lobby me to give them free press but I only do so if the post I’m writing calls for it. Most are only too happy for me to leave them alone or portray them in a sufficiently benign light, given my propensity to reflect on the past.

About that, I suppose my tendency to look back is borne of a deep need to always take stock of where I’m going because from experience, there is no greater predictor of where I’m going than where I’ve already been. I’m a glass half-full kinda gal, so even with all this looking over the shoulder, I still say my best days are yet to come, even if things are already pretty good right now.

Looking forward, I hope to bring you more stories with heart and perspective on matters relevant to modern, transglobal, multi-cultural living. I anticipate more spirited dialogues with many of By Estella Dot Com’s regular readers, who often hold views very different to mine. I welcome comments from others who’ve so far only sent me private messages or stayed silent, even as I maintain the right to moderate such comments. As civilised human beings, we can all say our piece in a peaceful fashion, regardless of the number of raw nerves touched.

With that, I thank you once again for reading my blog. Feel free to share posts with your nearest and dearest or simply folks you think might be interested in my various ramblings and postulations. Ours has been a fascinating discourse between author and reader I’m very much keen to continue.