An hour at Southbank in Brisbane.

After a lovely midday meal of fish and chips in the company of friends at the Swampdog on Vulture Street, His Royal Highness, Amanda and I adjourned to the Cineplex on Southbank to catch “Prometheus”. At $8.50 for an adult and $4.50 for children to watch a 2D movie, this has to be the cheapest cinema in all of Australia!

Since we had an hour to kill, we decided to take a stroll around the surrounding parklands. As you can see from the picture, Amanda dispensed with decorum by climbing into a tree. Later His Royal Highness had a lie-down on the grass while I moseyed over to the gigantic “Epicurious?” sign, where I dug the brain of a Plant Up employee for my story on the Southbank Corporation’s “Regional Flavours” event.

Amanda in the tree at Southbank parklands.

Amanda in the tree at Southbank parklands.

I was tempted to get ice cream at Movenpicks nearby but had to hold that thought since in the manner of all loving Asian parents, mine had told me to watch my weight. I’m small by Australian standards but back in the East, where only the newly-rich are grossly overweight, they subscribe to a different set of weights.


Upcoming “Regional Flavours” food event in Southbank, Brisbane.

Regional Flavours Event at Southbank.

Display at "Regional Flavours" event in the Southbank parklands.

His Royal Highness, Amanda and I were wandering around the Southbank parklands today, trying to fritter away an hour before the start of “Prometheus” at the Cineplex just a street up, when I saw this massive sign. As you can see from the picture, it is made from wood bonded onto a metal frame spelling out “Epicurious?”

A play on the words “epicurean” and “curious”, this big sculpture with edible plants growing at its base in an over-sized planter box, has been commissioned by the Southbank Corporation, to highlight its annual “Regional Flavours” event.

Running from the 21st to the 22nd of July, a Saturday and Sunday respectively, Regional Flavours is a grow and eat event that brings to urban dwellers like myself, gourmet regional produce. It supports local producers and farmers whilst promoting sustainable food practices.

I was told that as part of the event, there will be cooking demonstrations, some of them by big names in the food business. In addition, visitors to Southbank will be treated to the sight of a ginormous garden of edible shrubs, currently being installed by Brisbane-based Plant Up, near the Wheel of Brisbane.

 A tomato plant at the base of Epicurious sign.

A tomato plant at the base of Epicurious sign.