The dawn of a new era.

For once, instead of opening a can of baked beans to feed Amanda and myself, I have to boil rice and cook three other dishes since His Royal Highness will be dining with us. No longer is it fine to stay out at other people’s homes until the police come searching for us because he’ll be home much earlier than he used to. In the past, I’d be happy if I saw my husband once every third day but post FRACS exams, the landscape of our marriage and family life has changed altogether.

Not that I am complaining. For the past decade I have been His Royal Highness’ staunchest supporter and number one ally. I’ve advocated on his behalf, carried the parental load for the both of us, picked him up when he was down and nudged him to move when he had inertia. I’ve defended him against ignorantly unsympathetic people, friend and foe alike. Wouldn’t you say it’s about high time I had some company? No doubt this amount of togetherness will take some getting used to.



4 thoughts on “The dawn of a new era.

  1. Looks like a new phase for u guys….all the best and hope u will enjoy all the extra time that u get to spend with HRH.

  2. Nothing beats having your family together at the dinner table. Which is why, get a round table…:)

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