Wendy Loh from Malaysia.

Quite a number of concerned friends have written to me about this Wendy Loh from Johor Malaysia, who, until today, can be seen inexhaustibly harassing and belittling me over every little thing on By Estella Dot Com. What did I do for her to make it her lifelong mission to harangue me into silence, if not hiding?

Wendy is the GREAT BEAUTY in red.

Wendy is the GREAT BEAUTY in red.

Perhaps a little background info is in order.

Wendy Loh from Johor, Malaysia, is the ex-girlfriend of one of my university mates. I graduated from university some 14 years ago and Wendy has been been on my case – God only knows about what – for at least 9 of those years. We have met ONLY ONCE, introduced by her ex-boyfriend, who deeply regrets it, when he tagged her along for a reunion with our other university mates.

Being a new bride then, I couldn’t help but show off my wedding ring. This, as far as Wendy Loh is concerned, shows I’m “boastful.” If you’ve read her incendiary comments, which I’ve now deleted to spare my readers aggravation on my behalf, my other crimes include:

1) Marrying straight after university (no, actually I worked for 2 years first)

2) Marrying up (my husband was penniless until I married him so this is patently untrue)

3) Not being a career woman like her (she has no choice because no man wants her)

4) Not being a SUPER career person like Wendy Loh (she makes so much moolah as a editor she has to ask if I have any connections in the Australian journalism industry which she can take advantage of)

Crimes aside, she also has issue with the fact that my husband “is ugly” and “not brought up surrounded by beauty.”

As you can see, she is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, might talented, extremely ethical...Watch out! She wants to save YOU from a life of UGLINESS too!

As you can see, she is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, might talented, extremely ethical…Watch out! She wants to save YOU from a life of UGLINESS too!

Wendy Loh’s crimes? Well, let me list them in chronological order:

1) Harassing me for close to 1 DECADE, after a mail I sent to university mates ACCIDENTALLY listed her as a recipient. She does not get “accidentally” and used that as a means by which to worm her way into my life. She ADDED MY FRIENDS from secondary school, university, several of my family members to her facebook account (ever wondered how she got 4000+ “friends”? Well hello, no one knows her!) While we were “friends” on facebook, she’d leave me SEVERAL MESSAGES every hour!

I had to unfriend Wendy Loh on facebook because it seems only my SUICIDE will please her. She doesn’t understand FUCK OFF!

And NO, I never dated, bedded or had any remotely romantic relationship with her ex. He has apologised to her for his wrongdoing in the hopes she will leave ME and all our friends ALONE but she hasn’t. Wendy Loh from Johor is madly, madly, madly in love with me. Well, this is me RETURNING THE LOVE! Sorry, it’s taken so long, Wendy Loh.

2) After I unfriended Wendy Loh from Johor, Malaysia, on facebook, she started writing to me, under the guise of trying to secure my support for one of her so-call “altruistic causes.” This includes lifting literacy levels WORLDWIDE, preventing the spread of AIDS, again WORLDWIDE…When after countless polite replies, refusing to join her in these mighty endeavours, I was FORCED to block ALL emails from her. What did she do then?


Hey, professors at Murdoch University (where Wendy Loh from Johor, graduated), I will be seeing you shortly about your syllabus for journalism studies. Perhaps we can discuss the STRIPPING of degree for a certain former graduate whose professional conduct throws the School of Journalism into disrepute. After that, I’ll be in touch with Yonsei University in Korea. These poor people NEED to be told what’s happening to their precious reputation.

She also calls herself a “translator”, although from her broken English, I’m not sure what she’s translating or who would want tot hire her. She claims to be rich, unlike me who was born “poor” (and yes, this is a crime too), so a proper grasp of any language is NOT necessary – she can always hire a REAL EDITOR, to edit her work!

3) When she discovered By Estella Dot Com, she decided to take up where she left off and HARASS me some more! First her comments were polite, then they became increasing superfluous, personal and offensive. For this reason ALONE, I had to suspend her posting privileges. What did she do then?

SHE GOT HER MANY INTERNET BUDDIES TO BULLY ME BY SENDING ME THRASH comments about how perfect and mighty she is! Until I warned them about Malaysia being a signatory to a convention AGAINST cyber-bullying. Oh, plus I can track down ALL their ISP to hand over to the police for such CRIMES. Hey, Malaysian curry rice (all they will be eating in PRISON) is NOT SO TASTY after the hundredth bowl, ok?

What TOTAL HOTNESS! Men must be beating down your door, Wendy Loh from Johor!

What TOTAL HOTNESS! Men must be beating down your door, Wendy Loh from Johor!

In short, Wendy Loh from Johor, Malaysia has left me with ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE but to write this awesome, awesome post about her. ALL HAIL Queen WENDY LOH from Johor! After all, she’s itching to be recognised for her awesomeness alone. Oh, Wendy, you are so, so awesomely good-looking, talented, RICH, fantastic…I’ve run out of superlatives to describe your greatness. I salute you Wendy Loh from Johor! Keep up the HARASSING, the BELITTLING, the MENACING, the PLAGIARISING, because you are SO MIGHTY TALENTED, SO AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL, SO SOON TO BE A GREAT FAMOUS AUTHOR… 

Love, kiss, a big smoocheroo,


(Author and owner of this humble little blog.)

P/s I have a copy of all the “wonderful” emails you and your little friends sent me, along with your ISP. God, I am so touched. You are an incredible woman!

21 thoughts on “Wendy Loh from Malaysia.

  1. You still have not learnt the lesson, haven’t you? Then go hell live in pathetic Australia and be all that …opps, what is the other word for awesome? I really didn’t know my friends wrote you any, but i can tell you to do background check when you are coming across someone isn’t less competent than you (alone), 1; 2. I hope by your age of coming 35, you are able to judge who is “mighty” simply simply. Best to you, Estella. I can’t believe you think of all these to be such opposite of enlightening to you.

  2. Hello Queen Wendy!
    All hail to you. Can you please explain “You still have not learnt the lesson, haven’t you?”
    It certainly does not make any sense.
    Please advise me on this Queen’s English you seem to be fluent in.
    Thanking you in advance.

    Your loyal subject.

  3. I beg your pardon, dear Queen. I will UP my paltry effort to promote your awesomeness from this backward country that is Australia. When I go home, I’ll make sure the masses know your wonderful name, as does the Polis Diraja Malaysia, because you, my Queen, are a VVIP, of equal standing with the Queen of England and you DESERVE this recognition. I’m sorry I did not highlight your erroneously high opinion of yourself enough. I failed to draw everyone’s attention to your winning Ms Universe and besting Stephen Hawking and pushing Bill Gates down in the world’s richest list. For that I am truly sorry.

  4. Joshua, your personal introduction before you open your mouth before turning into blabbermouth; this is the mistake of what your fellow Surgeon’s wife did. Have you all mean none of your mother taught it since day 1 you are born? Then such descendants, if not brats, then what else?

  5. All hail great Queen Wendy,

    Will Her Majesty Queen Wendy please rephrase her above comments in layman English because I did not have the privilege to be educated in this highly-esteemed Queen’s English you are so fluent in.
    May Her Majesty Queen Wendy grant me a pardon.

    In your service,
    Your loyal subject

  6. I beg your pardon, dear Queen. I will UP my paltry effort to promote your awesomeness from this backward country that is Australia.( This is compared to England and some parts of Asia) When I go home, I’ll make sure the masses know your wonderful name, as does the Polis Diraja Malaysia, because you, my Queen, are a VVIP, of equal standing with the Queen of England and you DESERVE this recognition. ( Do not worry, my great-grand mother is a Tan Sri; they already know me) I’m sorry I did not highlight your erroneously high opinion of yourself enough.( You do not have the qualification, i am under protectorate of universal agencies, if not cash is King) I failed to draw everyone’s attention to your winning Ms Universe (It is my sister and other auntie’s clan) and besting Stephen Hawking ( I have no idea who he is if not you mentioned; my cosmology study starts from China and Germany because my foster mother is a Great Chemist with Malaya Glass) and pushing Bill Gates down in the world’s richest list ( He done it willingly to draw Chinese talents which, fortunately, include a large group of my peers). For that I am truly sorry. ( Raise, i have no idea where does this love-hate relationship comes from) One advice, listen to rumors with your own mind because any argument would render half truth. I am sure no one want to end up foolish. All in all, i figure you are not skilled in leaving a good impression. Do you? There is no such thing as accidents on earth. For example, if you hit a Roll Royce that have not been claiming any insurance millage, if we go to polis and both report the case; the one breaking the rule is going to compensate a price that cost more than that car itself. Estella, you interupted my works numerous times and i kept it calm since i can manage it, unfortunately, unlike your words, you are behaving like a bull in a china shop and no repentance hence my provocation. Obviously, what can you do? You think that by threatening me an author career and random posting on your SUPER blog is scary? I tell you what, my international lawyer of mission is ready if you file a lawsuit, i leave it your call since you want to doubt me being a Queen of Johor. Last, learn double negative if you have not instead of questioning me my English.

    Reply ↓

    • Pardon me, my Queen. Obviously I don’t chew up newspapers for breakfast and shit out Grammar books afterwards like you. Yes, it does appear we have a love-hate relationship, although many of my friends will be going, “What relationship???”

      You are so mighty fine, I don’t want to trouble you by monopolising your attention any further. After all, I’ve had your UNDIVIDED attention for the last 10 years. I must give someone else a chance to experience your Queenly affection and to learn all you have to teach.

  7. Estella, isn’t you are the one saying rather bitterly, now that i think back, that as a SMART women yourself graduated from Adelaide University and Married Surgeon and Having Doctor cum Diplomat family finds that being showy is “not smart at all”; the actual word is unwise. Now there goes i am being poor in England, where is the grounds?

    True, what relationship? You DO NOT have my any attention at all; all you were deserving was a platform to vent my anger. How did you find out I am a Queen? I only teach children of whom parents are busy; i feel it sympathetically. You go teach your……….really, i feel your husband and Amanda is beyond help but WA, they are smart. Just like you!

    • Hahahaha, Must be the “mature” thing for you adults to include children in your little “juvenile” arguments. Go and bury your head in the sand please, Wendy. In fact, if you showed this much enthusiasm for the sake of “arguing”, then maybe you should consider politics. I think they are short of “hard” life stories to share, and I think you would be a great addition to represent “beauty” does not represent intelligence. But heck, who am I to say anything, my dad’s a used car salesman and I’m a cook.

  8. Will do, my Queen. I will send Brad Pitt and Bill Gates and even Mr Murdoch himself, over to you once I’ve located them because it is clear a person with your CALIBRE should only associate with the best. I’m sure, out of the 3 of them, you’ll find someone who appreciates your beauty, wit, ability to stick fungus-like to a poor, poor fool such as myself.

    As for me, I’m just too simple-minded to make head or tail of what you are saying. See, didn’t I tell you I am a waste of your time? You’ll have to forgive me if I DON’T reply to any more of YOUR RANTS, but I must get back to holidaying around the world, eating Michelin-chef prepared dinners, sleeping in 5 to 6 star hotels, shopping for jewellery, getting dressed up to go for “special parties” and all the other inconsequential things a person of my LOWLY status must do.

    • I’ll also have to WITHDRAW your posting privileges because I don’t want to be accused by your loving public of monopolising all your time, energy and emotion. You can’t help being as awesome as you are. The rest of us are just too stupid to appreciate your great beauty, intelligence, single-minded persecution of poor, stupid, ugly people such as myself. Please, please, take leave of us, my Queen.

  9. It is your blog, why does it concern me if you redraw? Brat Pitt is with Gisele and Jeniffer, either sweet and characteristic. Bill Gates had his underdog to send me an invite to work as research associate. Mr. Murdoch has nothing to do with me although his wife’s name is Wendy too, so? You still don’t understand only those who are needy needs to rub shoulder? If you like twisting word games, go play with someone desperate. You don’t have to make sense of me, simply because I DO NOT KNOW YOU and I DON”T WANT TO. All that so called high status leisure things you will be doing have been done throughout the years.You want to walk the path, go ALONE. COUNT ME OUT. Go be poor and stupid, MYOB, don’t come and front in front of me, who is someone responsible.

    • Look who’s talking. Aren’t you STILL on MY SITE???
      I’m not counting you in anything because if you are what you say you are – beautiful, rich, talented, a super high achiever, you’d have better things to do than harass me. What you have been doing for the last 10 years is harass me. Writing increasingly incendiary comments as you have here, shows you continuing to harass me. In fact, all anyone can see you do is make a fool of your self and harass me. If you are as fantastic as you say you are, why HIDE behind your thinner, more attractive looking family member in the blue dress? If you are so popular, why add people you don’t know who do not know you? If you need no one, why add 4000+ totally strangers? Why tell me how to LIVE MY LIFE on MY SITE when I really want you GONE? If you are such a great success, why aren’t you doing any of these high-status things, Wendy? You know what, just give me your address and I’ll send you a complimentary vibrator so that you can get over your PMS and leave me alone. I’ll ask my readers to chip in for your vibrator, that way we can all have some peace around here.

      • Only a pariah like you talks about an 8 year old child in the language you have. All future comments of yours will be unread, sent straight to THRASH, as they should be.

        • Your comments belong in the THRASH Wendy. Look, you can jump off a bridge or pump a bullet through your head, slit your wrist or hang yourself to a ceiling fan, I STILL COULDN’T CARE LESS. FUCK OFF, ok?

  10. Wendy, you wanna be hating, bring it to me. Come meet me in KL or even Johor if you like.
    Don’t diss my friend or her daughter. You have guts, come bring it to me.

    • Why don’t you meet up with her instead? She’s completely deluded, 100% malicious, and available to anyone who will give her the time of day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about her being harder to get rid off than nail-fungus.

  11. Lodge a report in Australia. They can contact the Malaysian authorities if Wendy Loh is here. They will bring her in for questioning. In the alternative i can file a police report on your behalf in Malaysia. At the same time file an injunction to stop her harassment and a civil suit against her for defamation.

    • Thanks, will consider doing that, although her ex says she will only take it out on him. She’s threatened to kidnap his family members. He asked me to remove this post, so as not to antagonise her further (since she’s patently EVIL and MAD) but I’ve declined because the world needs to know what a cyber-bully looks like.

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