What makes a murderer – nature or nurture?

In response to the catching of murderer Luka Rocco Magnotta in Berlin – he of Canadian Psycho infamy – my friend, Cynthia, based in Montreal posted a status update on facebook saying that it was the result of many people working together to pursue one. I left her a comment saying that for a murderer, he had nice eyebrows. Having an interest in physiognomy ever since I picked up a book by Lee Siow Mong, I had thought that strong, knife-shaped eyebrows denoted murderous tendencies and was surprised to see Magnotta with very groomed ones.

Cynthia wrote back agreeing with me, however she said it made her question the state of society for a person such as Magnotta to emerge. Since the sins of one do not reflect the virtues of many, I wrote back to say what I was curious about was how a diligent, seemingly proper person such as the victim, Lin Jun, could get messed up with someone as perverted as Magnotta? Apparently, before murdering and mutilating Lijun, Magnotta had a history of torturing kittens. Surely that must ring some alarm bells.

Growing up, Magnotta must have been far from a model child or his family must have been in great denial over his wayward behaviour. Certainly, had he been a normal upstanding citizen, he would not have gone into porn, much less associated with convicted murderers, for the normal person I know does not walk around with ice-picks in the pocket, let alone kill anyone with them.






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