“I have no brown skin” and other dilemmas of raising an Asian child in the West.

Amanda had her first play date for 2013 when Chloe, her classmate came over one Wednesday after school. I have no idea why but most children seem to like me, often confiding stuff they’d keep from their own parents. Chloe, … Continue reading

The challenge of raising an Asian child in the west.

Less than half an hour ago, I had my annual parent interview with Amanda’s class teacher. Having played translator for another parent who only speaks Mandarin, I was her teacher’s second appointment for the period. Since Amanda is neither a … Continue reading

Chicken Little and the issue of child safety.

Chicken Little (aka Henny Penny, pictured above) and I are second cousins. Sometimes I suspect our kinship is a lot closer because like Chicken Little, I constantly picture the sky falling. And yes, there is that same compulsion to report … Continue reading

How to talk to your child about body parts and sex.

Or rather, the title to this should be, “How I talk to Amanda about body parts and sex.” As you well know, I’m more than prepared to answer any and every question Amanda might have.┬áThis dedicated and intense parenting is, … Continue reading

Asian Beauty Secrets Part 2.

As promised, I am back with the next instalment of Asian Beauty Secrets. Before I proceed, let me point out that many Asian beauty practises centre on improving inner health, so as to improve outward appearance; Westerners find this concept … Continue reading

The changing value of children.

If facebook is a reliable barometer of social change, then Chinese of my generation are slowly but surely moving away from the centuries-old Confucian-belief that parents are gifts to their children. Indeed, one day, while perusing my facebook updates, I … Continue reading

White privilege: what this means for Asians in Australia.

Current controversy surrounding Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen’s groundbreaking win of the 200m medley at this year’s Olympics brings to mind a conversation I had with one of Amanda’s classmates parents about the challenges of being Asian in Australia. For ease … Continue reading

Asian parents in the playground.

By Estella You can always tell which Asians migrated to Australia as adults and which came as children by listening to conversations between parents in the playground. Asians who arrived as children or who were born here, talk to others … Continue reading

The Asian beauty dilemma: are we really ugly or do we just think we are?

Yesterday, an old friend of mine asked me to weigh in on Singapore’s obsession with mixed-race persons. She was irate because organisers of Singapore’s Motherhood Magazine had snubbed her fifteen-month-old Chinese toddler, in favour of candidates who were either Eurasian … Continue reading