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Welcome and thank you for checking out www.byestella.com, a personal blog about migrant life in Australia, written, edited and maintained exclusively by yours truly! Topics I write extensively on include: * parenting an Asian child in the West and the … Continue reading

Lost in translation: converting from third world to first.

Most migrants I know lead double lives. There’s us, bright and cheery, speaking in rose-coloured tones about things as mundane as the weather to friends in adopted homelands and there’s us, huddled together in a sombre circles, discussing some new … Continue reading

The common gripe of oldies: “They have their own life”

Sometimes, after my early morning trip to the loo,  I cannot go back to bed. When that happens, my mind usually gets into all sorts of high jinks, pondering the imponderable. Lately, I’ve been wondering what the oldies mean when … Continue reading

Privacy on By Estella Dot Com.

Okay, so people won’t think I’m “exploiting” them or their images – here is the low-down on privacy at By Estella Dot Com: I DEPERSONALISE every person featured on By Estella Dot Com except those that know about this blog and … Continue reading

Asian parents in the playground.

By Estella You can always tell which Asians migrated to Australia as adults and which came as children by listening to conversations between parents in the playground. Asians who arrived as children or who were born here, talk to others … Continue reading