Lost in translation: converting from third world to first.

Most migrants I know lead double lives. There’s us, bright and cheery, speaking in rose-coloured tones about things as mundane as the weather to friends in adopted homelands and there’s us, huddled together in a sombre circles, discussing some new … Continue reading

Privacy on By Estella Dot Com.

Okay, so people won’t think I’m “exploiting” them or their images – here is the low-down on privacy at By Estella Dot Com: I DEPERSONALISE every person featured on By Estella Dot Com except those that know about this blog and … Continue reading

On being the token Asian among whites.

By Estella Once in a way I will join a group of mothers from school for morning coffee. With the exception of yours truly, every other person in the group is white. One or two are married to non-whites, but … Continue reading

The Great Gatsby: is it a story of love and lost or inevitable self-destruction?

By now everyone’s probably heard of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”, said to  be the magnum opus of a master storyteller, based very much on his own life, which some might say was defined by a compelling need to … Continue reading