More rewards!

If there’s another story sure to make it into Amanda’s twenty-first birthday speech by yours truly, it’d be about the time she got splinters in her foot. We had been out all day at Kangaroo Point Park, attending my good friends Paul and Tania’s youngest daughter’s sixth birthday party cum get-together, and Amanda, in the manner of all Aussie kids her age, had been racing scooters and running barefoot through the grass. It was close to bedtime when she complained of pain in her foot.

As always, I asked her to see her father for all medical-related issues. Before doing so, she asked me, “So, do you think I can have a reward afterwards? You know it’s just like when he pulled out my tooth.”

“Like how?” I asked.

“It’s painful. Don’t you think I deserve a reward?”

Her father grumbled, “ I have to extract the splinter and she’s asking for a reward. I should have a reward!”

“So, will I get one or not?” she asked before agreeing to submit her foot to him.

I looked at her father and said, “Good thing I dabble in astrology and other stuff. According to the cards of destiny, hers is the Ace of Diamonds. Diamonds is all about money. Ace is about lots of it.” Hence this recurring theme of rewards for mundane tasks. Tellingly, mine is the Seven of Diamonds, which simply means letting go of desires for material rewards. Put in this context, you can see how it is true: she craves rewards while I relinquish them!

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