Packing for New Zealand.

By Estella

Since you’ve been receiving a constant stream of stories from me this past week, you’re probably wondering when I’m going off to New Zealand. The answer, my friends, is soon. Amanda is already harassing me to pack for our trip, dragging out our big bag and all. She’s raring to go to the New Zealand snowfields and is anxious about me forgetting anything important.

First up, clothes. Do we have thermals, sweaters and a wind, water and cold-proof jacket each? Tick, tick and tick. My good friend Tania, upon hearing of our trip to New Zealand, loaned me a ski jacket belonging to her eldest daughter, Grace. Grace is only twelve but already a head and a half taller than her mother and I thanks to Paul, her father, who towers over the lot of us shorties. Tania also loaned me her second daughter’s jacket for Amanda, so we have that sorted.

His Royal Highness has his own jacket from skiing as a student so we didn’t have to borrow or buy him one. Posed with the option, we would have borrowed because Brisbane weather, being Californian, isn’t cold enough to warrant an investment in such thick winter gear.

I’ve bought us instant-heat packs from Kathmandu that warm to 55 degrees with the breaking of a metal-disc inside a pouch filled with some sort of chemicals, so that if we should get trapped in bad weather en-route to anywhere, we’ll still stay warm and toasty.

Being such a chilli-fiend, I’m tempted to bring my own chillies along but I’m afraid I might be stopped at customs. They are only chillies but if Australian customs is anything to go by, there may be some restrictions on bringing fresh foods into New Zealand. Oh, I do so love them ! I wonder how I’ll get through a week without chillies.

Amanda wants you to know that while I’m updating you, she’s already packed all our bags. I spied Rou-Rou her stuffed toy dog going in, as well as Sugar, the robotic dog I got her last month, in the bag, so I may have to stop right here. Thank you for all the bon voyages, happy holidays and safe journeys. I’ll be posting stories and pictures from the trip when I get back. Perhaps the odd one of two I’ve already drafted in between.

I won’t be gone long so stay tuned. When I return, I’ll have a cost break-down of our trip for families interested in holidaying there, various tips and tricks on how to take a family vacation overseas without breaking the bank and MORE exciting stuff than before.

To the would-be burglar: I live in a high-security apartment. There are cameras out the front, in the lift and on every floor, so you better ditch your plans to come visit me. In addition, I’ve informed the front desk, who knows me on sight as well as by name, of my plans so don’t think of pretending to be me. Plus, if you somehow managed to sneak in the building, pass the front desk, up the lift and down the corridor without being seen by staff, you’ll be sorely disappointed to find that after getting through my industry-standard deadbolts, that I have NO gold bars to speak of. I don’t even have a can of coke for you to drink, should you be feeling thirsty. TV? That’s bolted to the wall.


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