Real men wear PINK.

Before I tell you why this is so, let me just state that I’ve only ever bought His Royal Highness 3 shirts with my own money. The first was one of those Aussie beach-boy tees with dolphins and whales painted on it, which he wore to bed for two whole years because as he said, “It shows how much I appreciate the shirt” and the second and third were collared shirts I bought on a whim at Isetan in Singapore, while I was still working.

The second is a blue and white check shirt, the kind you see eighties rockers wearing as a sort of outer layer to black-punk tees, and the third is a marshmallow pink I was quite proud of until His Royal Highness asked, “Do you really want me to wear that out?”

As a heterosexual man, His Royal Highness is afraid that he may give off beddable vibes to other men if he wears the colour. I think pink lifts his complexion and my close friend, Tania, who saw him wear it yesterday when she had us over for a scrumptious roast chicken dinner, agrees with me that it suits him. He remains unconvinced and only wears it when I’m behind on the ironing.

What is your take on this? Is pink a colour for men secure in their sexuality or is it best left to the girls? Would you date or marry a man if he routinely wore pink, as His Royal Highness has been forced to do this week, or will you give him a miss?

6 thoughts on “Real men wear PINK.

    • It’s very brave of you. More men should take the plunge. It’s a very flattering colour, don’t you think?

  1. When I met Mehan the majority of his shirts were pink. Does that answer your questions?

  2. PINK is an awesome colour. There are so many shades of it available nowadays… 🙂

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