Sweet Young Things.

His Royal Highness was at his regular comic book lending store in Sunnybank when a Sweet Young Thing (SYT) doubling as the cashier, chatted him up. For the record, I was there, as was Amanda, and I had made it clear by my previous statement – “My husband will pay for this” – that His Royal Highness is my husband.

Perhaps thinking that my Mandarin speaking skills are reflective of my Mandarin listening skills, and I wouldn’t cotton on to what she was saying, the SYT proceeded to give him her life story. His Royal Highness responded with monosyllabic comments, which even someone unschooled in the art of creating rapport will take as a definite sign of disinterest.

I allowed her to prattle away, perhaps thinking me ignorant of her intentions. After all, there is a Chinese saying, “If you can’t control the chick in your compound, can you hope to tame the eagle in the sky?” I consider SYTs chatting up your man at par with eagles.

This SYT was no beauty even with her fake eyelashes, eyelid tape and contouring makeup. Hello sister, I wasn’t born yesterday. All you have going for you is youth and take it from me and all women over thirty, youth is fleeting. One day we’re turning heads on the street and the next, we’re pushing a stroller laden with fruit and vegetables. Moreover, what goes around, comes around; one day you’ll be a comic book lending store when some SYT blatantly tries to dig her hooks into your man with you there. Trust me, it’s gonna happen.

On our drive home, I casually broached the incident with His Royal Highness. He laughed, “Are you jealous?”

“Who me? Never. What do I have to be jealous of her about? Is she better looking? No. Smarter? She can’t be all that smart chatting you up with me standing there. Look, she’s got nothing on me. Nothing. If I wanted to, I could have cut her down in 3 seconds flat.”

You might say I should be complimented that the SYT finds His Royal Highness attractive, but I’d argue it’s his wallet rather than his person she’s attracted to. After all, you hear of these SYTs from China disrupting marriages in Malaysia and Singapore all the time. I won’t be surprised if they are up to the same thing over in the West too. Mind you, we’re talking about gold-diggers, not just women who happen to hail from China.

I’m frequently amazed by the number that think married men will leave their families for them. I’m even more amazed by their families, who allow them to prostitute themselves for expensive gifts and free dinners, as in the case of Guo Mei Mei, whose dalliance with a married man, suspected of siphoning funds from the Red Cross to buy her gifts, led to a corruption probe on the organisation and widespread distrust of charities among the Chinese public. She is quoted as wanting to run away to Australia with her mother.

But in this new economy, I suppose none other than outraged donors to charities and deserted wives really care. Men are only too happy with whatever attention they can get.






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  1. Haha. SJ would have little worries since no SYT approach me (not that I really care anyway)…:p

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